PhD in Electrical Engineering

PhD—Graduated (as Main Supervisor) 
1. Muhammad Amjad (2009-2013); “Transformerless ozone gas generator”  
2. Mochammad Facta, (2008-2011); “Design and development of a high frequency power supply for ozone gas generation"  
3. Kashif Ishaque (2009-2011); “PSO Control for MMPT Tracking During Partial Shading Conditions”  
4. Shahrin b. Ayob (2005-2008); “Simplified Fuzzy Logic controller for voltage source inverter” 
5. Jubaer Ahmed (2012-2016); “Soft computing MPPT for PV systems” 
6. Sk. Moin Ahmed (2013-2016); “Common Mode Cancellation in Non-square Matrix Converter” 
7. Abdul Rauf Bhatti (2013-2016); “PV Charging Station for EV”
8. Zulkifli Ramli (2011-2015); “Partial Shading Using Energy Recovery Circuit”
9. Ratil H. Ishique (2015-2017); "Bi-directional dc-dc charger for EV" 
10. Chin Vun Jack (2014-2017); “Modeling and Simulation of PV Cells"

PhD—Graduated (as Co-Supervisor) 
11. Yasir Saleem (2005-2008); “Ripple free torque operation in switched reluctance motor”
12. Mohd Muhridza Yaacob (1999-2005); “The behavior of Surge arrester devices under the application of multiple lightning impulses” 
13. Amin Mirzaei (2010-2012); “Bidirectional DC-DC converter with ZVT” 
14. Faridun Naim (2011-2015); “MPPT for PV using Differential Evolution” 

PhD—On-going (as Main Supervisor)
15. Azhan Abdul Rahman (2012-2015); “Tropical Efficiency of PV Inverter”
16. Norazlan Hashim (2012-2015); “MPPT for PV using Evolutionary Programming”
17. Bashar Othman (2017-2020); “Design of observers for state-of-charge-estimation of Li-ion battery”
18. Muhammd Paend Bakht (2017-2020); “Application of PV for load shedding problems”
19. Muhammad Nageh Okily (2017-2020); “Partial shading in PV systems”

PhD—On-going (as Co-Supervisor)
20. M Saad Ariff (2014-2017); “Power electronics converters for PV”
21. Nahla Shahnan (2014-2016); “PV Cell Modeling”  
22. Mostefa Kermadi (2016-2018); “Contribution to improve the maximum Power Point Tracking for PV systems"