Master of Electrical Engineering

Master of Engineering (by full-time research)

(Graduated—as Main Supervisor) 
1. Abdul Moeed (2012-2014); “HEPWM for multilevel inverter” 
2. Tan Perng Cheng (2003-2006); “A single-phase hybrid active power filter with photovoltaic application”
3. Toh Leong Soon (2003-2005); “Deadbeat controller for bidirectional high frequency link inverter” 
4. Nge Chee Lim (2003-2005); “Application of natural commutation technique to an improved cycloconverter type high frequency link inverter with center-tapped transformer”  
5. Mohd Zulkifli Ramli (2001-2003); “Design of a 1-kW bidirectional inverter using center-tapped transformer” 
6. Mohd Junaidi bin Abdul Aziz (2000-2002); “A digital pulse width modulation for the modular structured multilevel inverter” 
7. Badaruddin Muhammad (1999-2001); “A study to improve the charging performance of the rechargeable alkaline-manganese (RAM) battery” 
8. Bakri bin Hassan (1999-2001); “Performance of solar battery charger for rechargeable RAM battery in cellular phone application” 
9. Khosru Mohammad Salim (1998-2000); “Development of a power conditioner for a 5kw Fuel cell power plant”
10. Ahmed Maged (2014-2016); "STATCOM using Multilevel inverter with HEPWM"

Master of Engineering (by coursework)

(Graduated—as Main Supervisor) 
1. Kamyar Mehranzamir (2010); “MPPT Control of Z-Converter”
2. Nur Hafeiza Ramly (2010); “A critical and comprehensive study on HEPWM”
3. Fazl Taeed (2011); “Single Input FLC for boost converter”
4. Norhazalina Bahari (2009); “The application of differential evolution method to solve harmonics elimination problem in voltage source inverter”
5. Mohammad Shahril b. Adrianshah (2009); “The study to optimize the payback period for PV installation in Malaysia" 
6. Aziddin b. Mohamad Razali (2003); “Analysis of natural sampled PWM switching strategy for a modular structured multilevel inverter using double Fourier integral method”
7. Shahrin b. Ayob (2003); “Trapezoidal PWM method applied in cascaded multilevel inverter” 
8. Abu Khairi A’ain (1992); “Modeling and Simulation of Op Amp”