Master of Electrical Engineering

Master of Engineering (by full-time research)

(Graduated—as Main Supervisor) 

1. Abdul Moeed (2012-2014): “HEPWM for multilevel inverter” 
2. Tan Perng Cheng (2003-2006); “A single-phase hybrid active power filter with photovoltaic application”
3. Toh Leong Soon (2003-2005); “Deadbeat controller for bidirectional high frequency link inverter” 
4. Nge Chee Lim (2003-2005); “Application of natural commutation technique to an improved cycloconverter type high frequency link inverter with center-tapped transformer”  
5. Mohd Zulkifli Ramli (2001-2003); “Design of a 1-kW bidirectional inverter using center-tapped transformer” 
6. Mohd Junaidi bin Abdul Aziz (2000-2002); “A digital pulse width modulation for the modular structured multilevel inverter” 
7. Badaruddin Muhammad (1999-2001); “A study to improve the charging performance of the rechargeable alkaline-manganese (RAM) battery” 
8. Bakri bin Hassan (1999-2001); “Performance of solar battery charger for rechargeable RAM battery in cellular phone application” 
9. Khosru Mohammad Salim (1998-2000); “Development of a power conditioner for a 5kw Fuel cell power plant”

(On-going—as Main Supervisor) 

10. Ahmed Maged (2014-2016): STATCOM using Multilevel inverter with HEPWM 
11. Ratil H. Ishique (2015-2017); Bi-directional dc-dc charger for EV 

Master of Engineering (by coursework)

(Graduated—as Main Supervisor) 

1. Kamyar Mehranzamir (2010), “MPPT Control of Z-Converter”
2. Nur Hafeiza Ramly (2010), “A critical and comprehensive study on HEPWM”
3. Fazl Taeed (2011): “Single Input FLC for boost converter”
4. Norhazalina Bahari (2009), “The application of differential evolution method to solve harmonics elimination problem in voltage source inverter”
5. Mohammad Shahril b. Adrianshah (2009), “The study to optimize the payback period for PV installation in Malaysia" 
6. Aziddin b. Mohamad Razali (2003), “Analysis of natural sampled PWM switching strategy for a modular structured multilevel inverter using double Fourier integral method”
7. Shahrin b. Ayob (2003); “Trapezoidal PWM method applied in cascaded multilevel inverter” 
8. Abu Khairi A’ain (1992): “Modeling and Simulation of Op Amp”